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Champions of Hell - Redux

Champions of Hell - Redux

Were proud to announce the upcoming release of a bold new incarnation of the "Champions of Hell" property, a graphically stunning multimedia graphic novel produced by Red Arm Studio and 13 Flames Empire.

We hope to create something visually new that has not been seen in the comic world before, that is more akin to live action special FX film. It will combined CGI, miniatures, hand drawn illus...
more... - 2011-06-09

Champions of Hell to exhibit at Fangoria's Weekend of Horrors in New York, City, June 5th-7th

Zombie Jesus and the Champions of Hell are going to Gotham! - 2009-05-11

WEbsite Upgrades Coming Soon!

- 2009-04-09


IRA HUNTER and ROBIN THOMPSON of  HUNTER THOMPSON UNLIMITED are in negotiations with Warner Bros. based SNAP KICK PRODUCTIONS INC. to turn the cult underground horror comic book CHAMPIONS OF HELL into a feature film.

Hunter himself will script the first draft of what is sure to be a very hardcore (and much anticipated) THREE PART EPIC.

ETHAN DETTENMAIER, PRODUCTION CHIEF of SNAP KICK INC. and producer of the upcoming film SIN-JIN SMYTH (scheduled for theatrical release, summer 2005) says “Hunter has a lot of guts…this comic is a super creative way to take the audience over the edge…it has a very punishing aspect to it!”

The legions of fans Champions has built-up over the years will not be disappointed! Development is scheduled to continue throughout the winter. Hunter and Thompson will be making an appearance at Comic-Con International in San Diego, July 22nd-25th which will start off a three year publicity tour (coming to a convention near you!) to meet the fans. Check back soon for more news and production updates here at www.championsofhell.com. - 2009-03-13